Beautiful Soap by Linda and Patrice

Ten years ago, Patrice and I started making
glycerin soap in the kitchen. A one time hobby soon
became a small business that generated enough
revenue to purchase our next Saturday supplies
for making more soap.

Beautiful Soap

Since developing a product that has become more
and more appealing to our family and friends, we have
decided to take our business to a new level.

Beautiful Soap

We think that we create a beautiful product that
everyone can enjoy. We truly love making our soap
and conscientiously try to improve our soap with each
new fragrance and color that we add to our shelves.

Linda Wells

We hope to share our passion and enthusiasm for
Beautiful Soap and leave a lingering impression on
the senses of all who experience any of our creations.
We know that once you try our soaps, you will love
using them as much as we love making them!

Patrice Link

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